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Heater Layout & Design

In need of assistance with your patio heating project? You are in luck!

We offer complimentary design and layout services. By emailing us a copy of the plans for the patio space, we can provide a visual representation of potential patio heater placements and control options. If plans are not available, please provide the basic dimensions of the space and photographs if available. We work with acclaimed architects and design/build firms to incorporate our heaters into outdoor spaces. With the ever-growing popularity of outdoor living and outdoor dining, designers work with us to add value to their projects.

Please note that our layouts are intended for general positioning purposes and cannot take into account every variable of an installation. It is the responsibility of the installer/purchaser to review the installation requirements as outlined by the manufacturer to make sure all requirements are met.

Layout Request: Email us your Project Information.

Before: Basic Layout

After: Design Layout