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Now you can add an Infratech heater to your patio, terrace or outdoor dining area that reflects the same eco conscious, forward-thinking ethos as the rest of your property. Infratech infrared heaters are over 90% energy efficient, operate for just pennies per hour, and emit a pleasing infrared heat that will not blow away in windy conditions.Infratech heaters provide odorless, radiant warmth for your space that won’t detract from the aroma of steaks on the grill, or interfere with the view – whether it’s of city lights or starlight.

Infratech has been the industry leader in electric infrared heating for decades. With a state of the art manufacturing facility in Southern California, Infratech manufacters an extensive lineup of products including numerous heater models and control options. Infratech’s electric heaters provide a great alternative to gas heaters. With no open flame, they are easier to fit into tight areas, low ceilings, and can even be flush mounted into the ceiling! They are also economical to operate and require little maintenance beyond periodic cleaning. Unlike gas heaters, there are no valves, ignition components, moving parts or burners to maintain or repair. In addition, electric heaters produce no sound, odors or toxic emissions.

Infratech heaters also offer added mounting and installation options. The W-Series and WD-Series may be flush mounted into a flat, level ceiling using our flush mount frame. When surface mounted, they hang less than 9-1/2″ from the ceiling. An electric heater is very easy to use. Enjoying electric comfort heat is as easy as flipping a switch. You can adjust the intensity of Infratech heater infinitely from zero to 100% of power using a Solid State Control Package.