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Infratech Heater Controls

Infratech Solid State Controls and Home Management Systems

Infratech Solid State Controls and Home Management Systems are engineered to maximize performance and provide the most efficient operation for your heating system. Infratech is a UL 508 Listed Control Manufacturer with a proven track record in engineering, design, and manufacturing.

Infratech Solid State Controls Offer:

  • Energy efficiency – including timer functions, control versatility, and ease of use.
  • The ability to adjust heating intensity, to achieve the ideal comfort for your space.
  • Zone Heating – the capability to control one or more heaters to heat specified target
    areas within a large-scale space with a single touch.
  • The Solid State Relay Panel and Zone Analog Controller (with or without optional
    timer) work together, and are project specific.
  • Electrical wiring diagrams provided for each installation.

Infratech Home Management Controls:

  • Integrate Infratech’s heaters directly into your home management system, so you can
    get the most automation control out of your living space.
  • By using Infratech’s Home Management Panel with your systems interface, you can
    control the heat without leaving your seat.
  • Wide range of programming options available through your home management
    system, including the ability to save preferred heat settings for off-site control via
    mobile device.
  • Infratech’s Home Management Control is compatible with top selling systems like
    Lutron™, Crestron™, Control 4™, and others.

Infratech Value controls

From Duplex Stack Switches to INF Input Regulators, Infratech offers an assortment of value controls, to help you enjoy efficient ease of use that’s compatible with any budget. All assemblies are available in different configurations, including In-Wall or Surface Mount options, with or without weatherproof covers.

Duplex Stack Switches are designed for use with WD-Series dual element heaters:

  • Low cost control option for all dual element heaters.
  • Ability to turn on and off each element independently, providing effectively half power/
    full power capabilities.
  • Range 120/277 VAC (20 amps max per switch).

INF Input Regulators are designed for use with single element heaters:

  • Low cost control option for single element heaters up to 3000 watts (maximum 15 amps).
  • Not a dimmer – INF gently cycles the heater on/off at regular intervals when not on full power.
  • Each heater must have its own INF Input Regulator.
  • Regulator Part Numbers listed below are for 240V (also available for 120V).