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Sunglo Heater FAQs


The warmth from a single Sun-Glo Patio Radiant Heater will cover a 12′ to 20′ circle. The Sun-Glo is a “comfort heater”, and the coverage is the area in which people will receive a comforting amount of warmth. Some persons require more warmth or less warmth than others to be comfortable and will either turn the heater up or down, or move closer or farther away as they desire.


It has been found that most users tend to make their Patio Heater the center of their outdoor activities. Therefore, attempt to locate heaters in areas where people can gather readily, and where furnishings can be easily moved. Locate heaters in areas which can be used to best advantage. Particular attention should be given to: Lounging and seating areas in restaurants and hotels. Swimming pool decks and pool entrances. Drying areas for after swimming. Sports and entertainment areas. Waiting zones. Seating areas around concessions and commercial sales outlets.


It is much easier to maintain a comfort level in weather protected areas than in areas completely exposed to the elements. A Patio Sun-Glo Heater can operate effectively even in completely exposed areas, although a weather protected area is desirable. Weather and wind protection allows the surrounding air to be warmed and used to enhance direct-radiant warming effects. When adding heaters to existing construction, due consideration should be given to locating heaters as near as possible to a gas supply line. Patio Heaters warming areas subject to a prevailing wind may be offset slightly to the windward side of the heated area to allow the wind to carry warmed air into the desired area. Always locate heaters so specified clearances to combustible materials are maintained: Clearance from top of reflector – 18″ Clearance from sides of reflector – 24″


When more than one heater is used in an area, it is generally preferable to locate them close together. Multiple heaters located on 8′ to 12′ centers give overlapping heat patterns. This means more total heat reaches persons in between units, and will provide comfort in weather even cooler than possible with a single heater.

How many heaters are used:

Many homeowners are finding that a single Patio Heater is sufficient to enable them to greatly extend their outdoor living season. The circle of warmth generated by their heater gives an outdoor relaxation area to be counted on. Some homeowners are using groups of heaters to give larger heated recreational areas than a single unit can provide. A number of installations have used 5 to 6 unitswith some using as many as 12. Patio restaurants generally use the number of heaters required to cover the desired seating area. Use in Patio restaurants ranges from a single unit to 25 units.